PITT #270, Sand Turkey

November 23, 2022 @ 6:30 pm
403 Semple St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Welcome to the 2022 Sand Turkey Hash! Never heard of Sand Turkey? Come on out and we promise you won’t forget! (though you may want to)
MyHogNMe, supervised by Deadwood, Just Doug, and maybe one or two others, is ready to lead you on a merry chase out of Bootlegger’s bar in Oakland. We warned them we’re coming, but I’m not sure they really understand, and they open at 6.
Trail will have 3 beer stops, and there will be a couple of turkey-eagle splits to make the Dark-Siders happy. Other features include a dramatic telling of the Legend of the Sand Turkey, bone-chilling cold, marks within 100 feet of a school, hills, valleys, mud, abusive false trails, stairs, vomit-inducing shots, and generally all the things you love about Pitt hashes. There might even be a coat car if you guys complain enough. May the best hasher survive!
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