PITT #273, Good Riddance 2022

December 29, 2022 @ 6:30 pm
Dive Bar
607 S Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Come up and say good riddance to 2022 and toast to 2023!
Do you feel 2022 was a great year? Then cum out and celebrate with beer!Do you feel 2022 was a dumpster fire? Then cum out and drown those bad memories with beer!Did Santa not bring you what you wanted? Then cum out and curse that fat bastard over a beer!Too much family time over the holiday driving you crazy? Then escape and drink beer!
Really, we don’t care about your damn feelings, just cum out and drink beer with Lips and IFT!Trail will start at Dive Bar on Braddock Ave. Trail will be Fido Friendly but don’t bring them into the on-out. The shiggy level will be .69 and with the warmer temperatures it will likely be a little muddy.
This shitty year, expect a shitty trail and you won’t be disappointed!