PITT #298: K969, Defender of Peedom & Zipper Ripper

Who: K9-69, Defender of Peedom, Zipper Ripper
When: October 19 @6:30 pm, 7pm hares away
Where: 11th Hour
Trail shoes: road shoes are fine
Bug spray: up to you
Doggo friendly: some parts are not that friendly. Just move fast and stick near someone for assistance.
Parking: street/metered
Hash cash: $5.00 except for virgins
It’s a Lawrenceville trail. And it’s almost Halloween. You know what to do. Get your costumes ready! Dance party at Belvedere’s after circle.
From their Facebook page:
The Glitterbox is bringing a night of monster themed mayhem to Belvederes. Dance to tunes from Sister Sludge and DJ Thermos or sit in Flea Market Films tiny theater for some 16mm monster films.
There will be live performances (Amoxie Villian, The dance of the Giant Jewish Animals, and more) and contests for sexiest and scariest monsters as well as best horror scream. $5 in costume and sorry folks $10 If you’re not in costume.
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