PITT #299, ICP, Anal Eaze, Just Mac

Who: Anal Eaze, ICP & Just Mac
When: November 2nd @6:30 pm, 7pm hares away
Where: Grist House
Trail shoes: Would be a good idea, if you’re nimble and have high dexterity maybe you can pull it off without.
Shiggy: 7/10
Bug spray: Yeah fucking ticks suck
Doggo friendly: One or two parts might not be but the rest is okay and is manageable.
Parking: Street parking all around
Hash cash: $5.00 except for virgins
Come join ICP, Anal, and Just Mac in “The Gang Goes To Millvale”. This is just Mac’s virgin trail and we want to celebrate by searching for rum ham. Grist house has plenty of space and lots of beer flowing. Long live rum ham!!!
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