PITT #305, Dawny Irish & ICP

Who: Dawny Irish & ICP
When: January 11th @6:30 pm, 7pm hares away
Where: Lolev
Trail shoes: Not needed, couldn’t hurt but Dawny scouted trail without them just fine.
Shiggy: 5/10
Bug spray: Wouldn’t hurt to dab some on.
Doggo friendly: Yeah but Lolev isn’t.
Parking: Street parking as far as the eye can see.
Hash cash: $5.00 except for virgins
Ring in the New Year at the hash no one wanted to hare. Join ICP and Dawny Irish on the 1st trail of the year – 2 hares – 3 drop out hares (if they show up) and 4 …maybe 5 hills.
Should be warm enough, minimal shiggy, “a dog could do it” – ICP
There will be a food truck at Lolev but in case they are closed Dive bar is right down the road for your hangry needs.
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