PITTH3 #214

January 16, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
Tom and Tuds
353 Freeport Rd
Aspinwall, PA 15215
Plea Barkin

I wanted to make you all a nice trail but everything went to shit. Very sorry….mea culpa….ya da ya da doe. It’s so bad I can’t even guarantee all of you will make it. Best advice, don’t come. And if you do, definitely don’t bring your dog. Frequently asked questions that are not as frequently answered: 1. Should I wear trail shoes? 2. How long is trail? 3. Will I get arrested? – signs point to yes 4. What gear should I bring? – bring gloves and a hat, if you don’t you will wish you did 5. Will you have craft beer? 6. Will you have nasty shot quests, I don’t like nasty shots? 7. Is it dog friendly? – no, not at all. I promise you your dog cannot do trail. – P.S. – if weather turns shitty, I have a back up that is shorter and dog friendly, but stayed tuned. No update means a shitty dog-unfriendly trail.