TN@ #59: Man G and Tight E

June 17, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
regent square

TN@’s First Socially Distanced Hash!

We’ve been shut down for in-person hashing since March but we are able to hash again– with some new safety rules! Meet up at 6:30, on-out at 7:00.

Must sign up by contacting a hare for hash start location– text 814.657.4173.

Must wear a mask/bandana/buff that covers your nose and mouth.

Must bring your own beverages and snacks. You may want a straw.

You may bring your own hand sanitizer or wipes.

If you are feeling ill, Do Not Come.

If the rules are not followed by everyone then the hash will not happen.
So Please Do Not Be a Dick.

There will be no hash cash since it is BYOE– no beverages or snacks provided.

For the full list of ‘Rona Rules go here.


The all Pittsburgh kennel-wide Covid-19 Rules are HERE. Read before hashing.

The TN@ kennel is for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary.