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Philly’s doing it, DC’s doing it, St. Louis is doing it…and now Pittsburgh’s doing it.

Welcome to the second Pittsburgh hash.  While we love the PGH H3 we thought we would join the ranks of other great hash cities and expand our kennels.

The Beginning

The PITT H3 is the brainchild of Defender of Peedom as a means of introducing more traditional hash culture into Pittsburgh.

Back in December 2012 he began forming his army of minions from which would become the officers of the PITT H3. In an act of defiance, he and ManGurglar laid an opposing Fool Moon trail on February 25, 2013 to rival the PGH-H3 trail taking place in Butler (Buck Futler), PA. The foundation had been laid, and after a few months of inactivity and idle talk, Cream of Mushroom and Defender of Peedom laid the first offical PITT H3 trail on June 27, 2013.

How the PITT H3 differs from PGH H3:

>Every trail is live
>Each trail has at least two beer stops in which the hares provide the alcohol
>$5 hash cash (no membership fees)
>Hash cash goes toward:
>Circle beer/snacks
>Commemoratives – if you like us enough to keep coming back we will reward you for it
>Beer stops and Circle are outside
>Must attend at least 5 trails and hare one to be named at a PITT circle
>Head?! Who said head? No one… if you do, prepare for your punishment

For the Hares

>Live trail guys… C’mon, it’s more fun and keeps things moving. We’ve got beer to drink.
>Let’s try to be reasonable… Its Thursday evening, we don’t need a 12 mile death march. 3 to 5 miles is plenty.
>Trail must start and finish within the City Limits (unless approved by mis-managment).
>You are responsible for providing two beverage stops… That’s it!!!
>Must coordinate with Beermeister to have circle beer at end of trail.
>Contact Mis-Management if you need help. We are willing to lend a hand and share our limited knowledge with ya.



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