Pittsburgh H3 Quarantine Guidelines

· Hares can sign up for dates using the standard calendar. (Hares will sign up with the Hare Raiser and it is okay to post start neighborhood but not full details).

· Full directions must be in to the Hare Raiser to allow two full days prior for the hashers to sign-up.

· Hares should lay trail planning on at least two days of 1/2 hour start time slots. Days are hare’s choice. For example – lay trail Friday or early Saturday and then hash Saturday/Sunday or lay trail Saturday and hash Sunday/Monday.

· Time slots will begin at hares discretion but should end with enough time to finish before dark.

· Hashers have to sign-up for trail. Hare Raiser will include a sign-up link in the hash event. There will not be a group start time. 1/2 hour time slots will be available.

· Hashers can choose to do trail solo or with a Quaranteam, but a trail buddy is recommended. Quaranteams should be a max of 6-8 people.

· After the hasher signs up, a link will go out via email with the trail location and details. We will not post the exact trail location on the website or FaceBook.

· Only folks who have signed up can add an additional runner to their slot. Do not attempt to crash someone’s time slot. Hounds will post additional team members.

· For contact tracing and safety check-in, hashers must continue to check in when starting the trail and out when finished via Facebook event (or text the hare) to show when they started trail and that they successfully completed it.

· Hares must monitor who signs up and make sure each group signs in and out so they know everyone completed the trail safely.

· Hares must provide their phone number and it will be included in the hash write-up.

· Hares must mark trail in a way that will last at least two full days of hashing – either use ribbon or refresh the flour/chalk each day so the marks are fresh and people can easily follow trail. Remove ribbon after the event. Hounds should not add pack or FRB arrows.

· Considering that there may be a small number of people checking, trails should be well marked and of moderate length (3 to 5 miles), with reasonable checking lengths and clarity.

· Trail difficulty should be considered, treacherous climbs or deep water should be avoided. Trespassing should also be avoided.· Hashers without Facebook access should team up with someone that can provide sign-up access and trail feedback, or make other plans for communicating with the Hares.

· Hashers should obey the normal social distancing rules if they encounter other Hounds on trail: maintain a six foot distance and wear a mask if passing.