Welcome to Tits N’at! Pittsburgh’s women and non-binary chapter of the Hash House Harriers! Bringing together the awesome women and non-binary hashers that exist within and around the Pittsburgh/Pitt H3 hashes!

Solidarity, bitches! TN@H3!

Just like your Aunt Flo, we arrive every 28 days.

Wednesday May 22nd 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday June 19th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday July 17th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out … OUR 100TH TRAIL!!!

Wednesday August 14th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday September 11th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday October 9th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday November 6th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday December 4th 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

Wednesday January 1st 6:30pm Meet, 7:00pm On-Out

See the Calendar for details!

Wednesday May 29th – A Spotting Pre-Lube Trail (Manvitational): Divas and Goddesses

Saturday July 20th – 100th Trail Celebration Trail (Manvitational)

(As written by Pelvis in the first Tn@ newsletter)

On a dark and stormy night, Pelvis was a lone wolf, howling by herself at a full moon, looking for a sisterhood that did not yet exist (aka she was drunk and bored). She turned to her fellow 3 unicorns of the apocalypse (Sir Vix, Ear of the Sperm, and Steph Infection) to join her in an exciting new endeavor (the only ones stupid enough to think this was a great idea).  The foursome realized that they needed some sage advice from some of the more experienced (no, I’m not calling you old) harriettes that they surrounded themselves with, so they called on the likes of Rex Erection and Swamp Bitch to offer them guidance (they were supposed to talk us out of this, but that didn’t happen). In addition to that, they needed someone who had just recently gone through the creation of a new hash, so they called upon Man Gurglar for her expertise (it’s not like she had better things to do). Lastly, they couldn’t leave a former PGH-H3 GM rest for too long, so they called in Ogre for additional reinforcements. And, lastly, they needed an up and coming harriette extraordinaire to round out this motley crew, so Dirty Gerbil was pulled into the fold. And, there, ladies, you have a (most likely not at all accurate) tale of the founding of Tn@H3 and the Suffragettes that brought it to life. 

Trail Calendar (includes other kennels)

Tn@ Haberdashery

Tn@ Charter and Trail Guidelines

Tn@ Ms Management

Hermal – Learn some lady-centric songs!

Code of Conduct

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