Welcome to the Homepage of the Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers! (PGH-H3)

What is Hashing?

You have just stumbled upon an international phenomenon, where a group of people, “Hashers”, follow a cryptic trail that has been marked by the “Hare”. This trail leads to beer, water, snacks and a lot of camaraderie. Some people run, some people walk, but they all follow these marks along streets, trails and off the beaten path until they find a beer stop. Now, there is water there too and snacks, but we’re really known as a Drinking Club with a Running Problem.
Awesome! How do I start?
You may already be a hasher! Consult the Calendar for convenient times to join us and find out! (Those with open minds and over 21 fit best…)
Want to hare a trail?
Contact our Hare Raisers Bend Overture and Ogre Under for available dates. They can also help match newer hares with possible hare mentors.

Check out the Wikipedia entry on Hashing…

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to know what to bring and what to expect!





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Upcoming Hashes
4:00 pm P3H3 #10 Family Friendly Hallowe... @ Second Avenue Parking plaza
P3H3 #10 Family Friendly Hallowe... @ Second Avenue Parking plaza
Oct 29 @ 4:00 pm
What: Family Halloween Costume Trail!Why: So you can wear your halloween costume and hash through the city!Where: Meet in the Second Avenue Parking plaza. That is the lot off of second avenue that is adjacent to the Allegheny County Jail and goes under the 10th street bridge.  Meet under the bridge.When: 3pm October 29th.How: Trail will be[...]
4:00 pm Hash #1748 – Dazed and Cunt Brui... @ Idlewood Station Park & Ride Parking Lot
Hash #1748 – Dazed and Cunt Brui... @ Idlewood Station Park & Ride Parking Lot
Oct 30 @ 4:00 pm
Beer zombies unite! We are expert beer zombies. No one knows how to wander aimlessly in search of BEEeeEEEeeeRRR the way we do. So tear off (or tear up) your clothes and prepare to drool and get bloody. It’s beer zombie trail time! The Halloween party après is at Dazed and Cunt-Bruised’s dying to be[...]
6:30 pm Darkside #20 @ TBA
Darkside #20 @ TBA
Oct 31 @ 6:30 pm
Darkside #20 @ TBA
Come to the Dark Side! Join us for DSH3#20. Will it be a trick or a treat? Cum find out Who’s the hare(s)? Cum find out Where’s trail? Meet at Buckhead Saloon at Station Square What’s the time for this ghoulish shitshow? Meet at 6:30; hares will be on out at 7:00 Why? Cum enjoy[...]
6:30 pm TN@H3 #13 – Movember @ Bigham Tavern
TN@H3 #13 – Movember @ Bigham Tavern
Nov 2 @ 6:30 pm
Harriettes: Potty Guard, E=McHammered, Dirty Gerbil Location: Bigham Tavern 321 Bigham Street Pittsburgh, PA 15211 (Mt. Washington) www.bighamtavern.com Meet-up: Wednesday, Movember 2, 6:30 PM On-out: 7:00 In honor of Movember it’s a ladies-only mustache hash raising awareness of prostrate cancer! If you don’t have a mustache, one will be provided. Men’s costumes in general are[...]
6:30 pm Pitt #119 C Scaper, Shameless Cu... @ Brookline Pub
Pitt #119 C Scaper, Shameless Cu... @ Brookline Pub
Nov 3 @ 6:30 pm
HARES: Cunt Scaper, Shameless Cussy, & ManGurglar Bar:  Brookline Pub:  734 Brookline Blvd. Apres – post circle party @ C-Scapers – 1233 Brookline Blvd. There’s nothing illegal about dressing up as a clown and walking or running around neighborhoods.  Seriously, we checked.  Some of us may be friendly with cops.  Don’t worry about it.  However, if[...]
10:00 am Hasher Riverfront clean-up with ...
Hasher Riverfront clean-up with ...
Nov 5 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
We’re doing another hash clean-up with Allegheny CleanWays this year and this time we’ll be on the river! It will take place on Saturday November 5th from 10am to 1pm at the Carrie Furnace! If you plan to attend, please register here http://www.alleghenycleanways.org/civicrm/event/info… Last year was a great time so come on out! Also, drinking practice at Brew Gentlemen[...]
6:30 pm Fool Beaver Moon Hash – Hare Nee...
Fool Beaver Moon Hash – Hare Nee...
Nov 14 @ 6:30 pm
Hare needed! Contact Bend Overture and/or Ogre Under to volunteer.

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