Welcome to the Homepage of the Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers! (PGH-H3)

What is Hashing?

You have just stumbled upon an international phenomenon, where a group of people, “Hashers”, follow a cryptic trail that has been marked by the “Hare”. This trail leads to beer, water, snacks and a lot of camaraderie. Some people run, some people walk, but they all follow these marks along streets, trails and off the beaten path until they find a beer stop. Now, there is water there too and snacks, but we’re really known as a Drinking Club with a Running Problem.
Awesome! How do I start?
You may already be a hasher! Consult the Calendar for convenient times to join us and find out! (Those with open minds and over 21 fit best…)
Want to hare a trail?
Contact our Hare Raisers Bend Overture and Ogre Under for available dates. They can also help match newer hares with possible hare mentors.

Check out the Wikipedia entry on Hashing…

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to know what to bring and what to expect!




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Upcoming Hashes
6:30 pm Bikefest Bash @ East End Brewing Co.
Bikefest Bash @ East End Brewing Co.
Aug 24 @ 6:30 pm
Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers Bike Fest Bash When: Wednesday, Aug 24th. Meet at 6:30 PM, ride at 7:00 Where: East End Brewing Co. 147 Julius St. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Phone:(412) 537-2337 http://www.eastendbrewing.com You will need a well-maintained bike, and a helmet and lights are a must. Borrow some if necessary. You will need $$ on[...]
4:00 pm Hash #1739: Dirty Gerbil’s Beert... @ Sharp Edge
Hash #1739: Dirty Gerbil’s Beert... @ Sharp Edge
Aug 27 @ 4:00 pm
Saturday, August 27th “Double Trouble Beerthday Hash” Beerthday Hares: T-Boner & Dirty Gerbil When: 4:00, 4:30 on-out Where: Sharp Edge, 302 S St Clair Street (East Liberty location) More details forthcoming…
2:00 pm Hash #1740: Vuegina’s Beerthday
Hash #1740: Vuegina’s Beerthday
Sep 4 @ 2:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Grab your ass, your bag, your chair, and maybe a tent — – we’re going to Butler County for a romp through completely virgin territory. (Not even Moon has hashed here.) It’s VueGina’s beerthday, so there will be much rejoicing with beer; also singing, shots and shiggy. Dogs MUST BE LEASHED as we will encounter[...]

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