Tn@ – Charter

Titties N’At Hash House Harriettes (TN@H3) is dedicated to providing a space for likeminded women and non-binary hashers to let their hair down and lift others up through positive interactions

Titties N’At Hash House Harriettes (TN@H3) was established October 26, 2015.  TN@H3 will meet every 28 days beginning Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 6:30 pm for pre-trail drinks at any drinking establishment, home providing adult beverages, or trunk of a car with a cooler within/near the city limits of Pittsburgh. Harriettes will be on out at 7:00 pm.

The main objective of this group is to bring together awesome women and non-binary people that exist within and around the Pittsburgh hashes and to introduce new people to hashing within a (insert positive adjective) group of ladies!

Membership is open to all women and non-binary hashers who are interested in taking a break from the patriarchal overlords of the dual gender hash to let their hair down and lift each other up through positive interactions with like minded ladies.

Virgins to the TN@H3 hash for free; all others, with the exception of the harriette(s) will pay a participation fee of $5. A total of $3 of each $5 will be returned to the haring harriette(s) and the remainder will be placed into the TN@H3 treasury for future use.

  • Trail can be live or dead; harriette’s choice! If the trail is live, the harriettes will be given approximately 10 minutes lead time and must remain at the stops for all members to arrive
  • Trails should either be within the city limits of Pittsburgh or close proximity to the city limits
  • TN@H3 is about socializing more than anything else
  • Regular Trails: Trail length should be between 2.5 and 3.5 miles
  • Special Spotting Trails: As approved by the Dominatrix may vary in length
  • Hash cash is $5
    • $3 will go to the harriette and $2 will go towards the TN@H3 treasury.
  • The harriette is responsible for one stop on trail, although they may have as many as they would like, and are not limited to serving only beer.  The harriette is also responsible for Circle beer 
  • If either circle or a beverage stop are located within a bar, the harriette must purchase a round (i.e. pitcher/pitchers so each Harriette gets a drink)
  • Food is not expected but is encouraged. Harriettes will announce what the food situation will be before the day of the hash. Potlucks are also encouraged to build community ties
  • All marks must be explained or dis-SEMEN-ated before on-out
  • On-Out at 7pm, or as close as humanly possible. Hares should keep in mind that beauty sleep is an essential part of a Harriette’s life and should not design a trail that will keep the group out past 10PM
  • Circle will start at or before 9pm and will end (at most) 30 minutes after start.
  • Circle will be a collective effort generally guided by the HPV and Song Mistress.
  • All Harriettes will participate by volunteering songs.
  • No Harriettes will ever be Ziggy-Zaggied in circle for attempting to offer a song and failing.
  • Harriettes will be encouraged to tell us a story about a memorable menstrual cycle experience.
  • When applicable, we will name a Prince Helperdick in honor of a man who helped with that month’s trail.
  • There will be no talking and telling secrets while circle is going on.  You are not being forced to attend circle.  If you cannot remain silent, you will be asked to either leave or share your secret with everyone. 
  • The Eager Beaver will be gifted a beaver sticker during circle.
  • The Lazy Llama will be gifted a llama sticker during circle.
  • Under no circumstances will flour or beer be showered upon those receiving praise or punishment in circle unless they specifically ask for it.  Consent is sexy, y’all!

The process by which Harriettes receive a name will include a series of questions posed to the lady without a name, discussion by the group that will include stories known about the lady in question, and potential names for her.  If no suitable name can be determined, the naming will be tabled until a later date.  Once a name has been determined, the newly named Harriette will do a down-down as we toast her. . No throwing things on the newly named, sadly, not even glitter.

Every 10 trails equals one blood drop pin.

Every 50 trails equals one fancy hash name necklace.

PAP: Positively Astounding Party (PAP) is a yearly, non-trail event planned by the current Ms. Management for women to appreciate everything that has happened over the year. The PAP should be held around December 2 of each year (the anniversary of the first TN@ trail). Snaps if the Yearly PAP is a sleepover.

Spotting Trails: Trails that are off our 28-day schedule. These may take place on any day of the week and may be manvitationals where male hashers may join.

  1. The main focus of our group is to promote female unity and togetherness. 
  2. Every Harriette must genuinely compliment another Harriette during trail.
    1. The HPV will keep count so we know how many Angels got their “wings” during trail.
  3. Every Harriette must use trail as an opportunity to branch out and meet new people.
  4. Every Harriette must be willing to both ask for assistance and give it, whether it be getting over a fence, helping to lay a trail, or finishing a beer.
  5. Every Harriette must understand the power of words and actions.  (Positivity only)
  6. No competitiveness, unless it is competitive complimenting.
  7. No training at the hash, unless you are training to be more awesome.
  8. All voices will be heard and ideas considered.  Silence will not be permitted with the exception of circle, where it will be demanded.
  9. The use of illegal substances will not be tolerated on trail or at the circle.
  10. Smoking must take place where it will not affect other harriettes on trail.

The Hash is to be run effectively but cooperatively! Ms. Management positions are typically two-year appointments. Positions are reviewed and changed at the Yearly Positively Astounding Party (PAP). 

A Ms. Management committee shall be established that will consist of the following members at a Minimum:

  • General Menstruator (GM)
  • High Priestess Vagina (HPV/RA)
  • Dominatrix (Pussy Herder/Hare Raiser)
  • Glitter Box (Hash Cash)
  • Diva/Magic Songbox (Song Mistress)
  • Pubic Pencil(s)
  • HOT Harriette Haberdashers
  • Suffragette Advisory Gals (aka SAG)

Should a member of Ms. Management leave or be deemed unfit to hold a designated position and/or depart our fair city, that member of Ms. Management may be replaced at any Ms. Management meeting by a majority vote.

Duties of each position of Ms. Management:

  1. Ensure Ms. Management members are upholding standards of positions.
  2. Speak with officials should any question of Hash activities arise.
  3. Fill any role of Ms. Management when needed.
  4. Be a point of contact for general TN@H3 hash business.
  5. Ensure quarterly Ms. Management meetings are being conducted.
  6. Be an ear to listen to issues or problems that may arise within TN@H3.
  7. Be an ear to listen to ideas and proposals to make things better within TN@H3.
  1. 1. Conduct Chalk Talk if trail is live and remind Harriettes what needs to happen during chalk talk if trail is   dead:
    • Recognize visitors and virgins
    • Explain the marking of trails
  2. Circle:
    • ALWAYS will begin circle with “ALL THE HASHING LADIES” to gain the Harriette’s attention and finish with a toast to G’s wife, mistress and girlfriends.
    • Recognize visitors, virgins, birthdays, anniversaries, First Beauty In (FBI), Last Bootie In (LBI) aka Lazy Llama(LL), Prince Helperdick, Blood On Trail, and Cycle Stories.
      • Visitors are called upon to sing a song or tell a joke
      • Virgins are taught down-down by sponsor.
        • If Virgin is self-starter Diva/Magic Songbox is down-down demonstrator
    • Conduct Violations
    • Open circle for announcements
    • Close circle by singing “Proud to be a Harriette”
  3. Conduct Commemorative and Naming ceremonies.
  4. Ensure continuity of TN@H3 traditions and general Hash traditions.
  5. Fill in as RA during other Hash events if requested to do so.
  6. Be TN@H3 representative at large events.
  1. Be ready during all singing events with a song in the event that no song is offered.
  2. Learn new songs to share and teach the hash.
  3. Lead and arrange choir practice quarterly for all TN@H3 members.
  4. Be prepared to lead circle at TN@H3 events in the event the HPV cannot attend.
  5. Fill in as RA during other Hash events if requested to do so.
  1. Collect weekly trail Hash Cash.
  2. Collect any additional trail fees and ensure they are distributed to the correct recipients.
  3. Keep account of all money coming into and being paid out of the hash.
  4. Monthly update of spreadsheets. Accounts should be open for any in Ms. Management to see the current financial status of our hash.
  5. At Sign In:
    • Register people who have attended trail each week.
    • This includes full nerd names of new hashers and hash names.
    • Collect Hash Cash.
    • Check ID if virgin hasher appears to be younger or close to the age of 21.
    • Make notes of visitors, virgins, birthdays and anniversaries and let attending RA know.
    • Maintain accurate records of trail attendance by cycle and by Hash year.
    • Ensure proper trail counts are added to google docs.
    • If Sign-in cannot go to start of trail, arrangements must be made with another member of Ms. Management to do this duty.
  6. Make monthly backups of spreadsheets on non-google-docs source.
  1. Keep minutes at all Ms. Management meetings and distribute to all Ms. Management members.
  2. Keep notes of naming ceremonies (answers to questions, suggestions, etc.).
  3. Produce or find a Harriette to produce a trail write-up to be published no later than one week after each TN@H3 event.
  1. Ensure a trail is provided every cycle.
  2. Have Harriettes/trails scheduled out as far as possible.
  3. Ensure that trail directions are published at least two weeks in advance.
  1. Promote sales of TN@H3 items.
  2. Keep track of inventory.
  3. Report sales and inventory to Hash Cash.
  4. Receive approval from a majority of Ms. Management before purchasing Items.
  5. Maintain a list of suppliers and quality of items from said suppliers.
  6. If unable to show up to most trails, ensure another member of Ms. Management has items to sell.
  7. Talk to the Harriettes and poll for ideas and desired items

Once one of the original 9 founding Suffragettes no longer holds a title within Ms. Management, she will still be considered someone whose moral opinion we hold in high regard, and we will welcome advice from these ladies and they will be  forever known as Suffragette Advisory Gals aka SAG. The SAG will be invited to and included in all future Ms. Management meetings.

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