Special Events

Special Hashes throughout the Year

The hashes listed below *generally* happen each year. Hashes denoted with *are traditions that hares have started.

Grayed out lines are ones that we no longer do. They are still on the list for historical purposes.

Ideas for other trails are white dress, black dress, onesie hash, Christmas in July, or any reason to dress up.

Occasionally, a special hash will pop up that is not listed here, like a wedding hash. Those are marked with the “special hash” category.

Time of YearEventHosting KennelNotes
JanuaryNew Year’s DayDepends on day of weekSometimes there is a New Year’s Eve trail and party instead. It’s been that way the last few years
FebruaryOvernight TrailDarksideReplaced with DS marathon in spring the past couple years
FebruarySloppy Trail*PGHSunday after Valentine’s Day Hare tradition: ICP and Scrum
March/AprilGreen Dress RunPGHMost dress runs are for charity HashRego
SpringDarkSide MarathonDarkSideReplaced DS Overnight, marathon distance, ~1 mile every 30 mins, with a few longer legs to make time for lunch and keep it closer to 12 hours.
SpringBeer Lovers HashPGHMonday after the Pittsburgh Marathon
SpringBeer MilePITTAt Schenley Oval
MayDerby Day HashPGHHash on Derby Day and wear fabulous hats. Hit bars that are showing the race
MayNuts in May*PGHHare tradition: Fuk Stik
MayKnives in May*PGHTo remember Quarantine H3 Hare tradition: TBC
May/JunePrelube for PGH weekendPITTThursday night before PGH weekend (sometimes an off-week for PITT)
May/JuneAnniversary WeekendPGHNew MM named, celebrate another year of PGH hashing HashRego
SummerSummer Soltice Hash*PGHHare tradition: Whiff
SummerFloat n BloatPGHCamping weekend that includes a trail that leads to a river float HashRego
SummerDick CupTN@Status: Unconfirmed
June/JulyFurry Hash*PGHLines up with Anthrocon in Pittsburgh (the furry convention) Hare Tradition: Anal Eaze (previously Wroughten/Strap On)
JuneRainbow DressPRATFor Pride Month
JulyJuly 4thDepends on day of week
JulyAGM WeekendPITTNew MM named HashRego
Summer (Typically August)MegaHash*PGHMegahash is a long trail of around 11.2 miles, sometimes with camping Hare tradition: Moon, ABS, and Crackfiller (others across time)
August/SeptemberRed DressPGHMost dress runs are for charity HashRego
FallBeer MilePITTAt Schenley Oval
OctoberHalloweenPITTSometimes this is a black dress run
NovemberSand TurkeyPITTNight before Thanksgiving
DecemberFestivusPGHTrail and party Hare tradition: Porn Again (multiple previous core hares, with handoff every so often)
DecemberPAP PartyTN@Annual party for TN@ kennel
DecemberWhite elephant trailPITTLast trail before Christmas Gift exchange in circle
DecemberKrampus HashDarksideHare tradition: TBC
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