DSPH3 – Mismanagement

GM: Jinkies

Making decisions, taking names, and enjoying the ride…er the run!

RA:  Asshole By Seamen

As per normal DarkSide tradition, taking the RA job and not coming to trail for months at a time…this is a job that’s under control!

Beermeister:  The Black Clap/Shriveled In London

The glue that keeps us running.  Without beer, who are we?  Well, I’ll tell you who…a person with no beer!

Hash Cash: The Black Clap

Taking money, dispensing funds, poorly keeping track of the funds every few months….these are the tasks this asshat has taken on.

Hare Raiser:  Shriveled In London

If you want to hare a DS trail, Shriveled in London is the person to see.  Hit him up at trails or on messenger to get yourself on the calendar!

Haberdasher:  All of Mismanagement for now

Webmasterbator:  The Black Clap

Working on the hash pages for all of the PGH kennels.  Work work work….

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