DSPH3 – Mismanagement

GM:  Beets the Shit Out of Me

Taking care of wrangling people into haring DS trails, Beets was ready to wrangle the whole kennel.  He’s been running harder and longer with us for quite a while with a constant enthusiasm for what we do.  ON ON!

RA:  Gaggle Cock

One of the first to memorize enough of the DarkSide song to lead us through it in the absence of E=MC Hammered, Gaggle has taken up the mantle of RA.  Whatever you do, don’t hug her or you’re doing a down down or two!

Beermeister:  Drunk Dynasty

The glue that keeps us running.  Without beer, who are we?  Drunk Dynasty was lured into lugging the cooler by saying he could be closer to the PBR….and that’s history in the making.  Picture redacted.

Hash Cash: The Black Clap

Taking money, dispensing funds, poorly keeping track of the funds every few months….these are the tasks this asshat has taken on.  Hey Drunk Dynasty….when do you need money for more beer!?!?

Hare Raiser:  The Black Clap

From a stint as gm and beermeister for a bit, TBC is trying his hand at taking names and filling trails.  Take a trail, help a hare raiser out!

Haberdasher:  All of Mismanagement for now

Webmasterbator:  The Black Clap

Working on the hash pages for all of the PGH kennels.  Work work work….