TN@ – Ms. Management

General Menstrator (GM):

Schoolhouse Cock

High Priestess Vagina (HPV/RA): 

TBD – It could be you!

Glitter Box (Hash Cash):

Ear of Sperm

Dominatrix Pussy Herder (Hare Raiser): 

Pack My Fanny

Diva/Magic Songbox (Song Mistress):

Heart On

Pubic Pencil:


HOT Harriette Habber:

Dirty Gerbil

Suffragette Advisory Gals

The founding members of TN@H3 include Pelvis, Sir Vix, Ear of the Sperm, Steph Infection, Rex Erection, Swamp Bitch, Man Gurglar, Ogre Under, and Dirty Gerbil.

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