PGH-H3 Officers

GM’s: Asshole By Seamen and ACDC

After some convincing with a little bit of liquid libation lubrication, these 2 accepted the job!  Beermeistering just wasn’t enough, on to the next challenge said ABS…while ACDC chased a rabbit across the field saying he was going to catch the hare!  With their mixed approaches of organization and chaos, what could go wrong?

Hare Raisers: Snatch Rabbit

Snatch Rabbit was snatched for this job by her predecessor after a long campaign to fill the job.  Hareraising ain’t easy, but Snatch Rabbit is goona snatch you for trail openings as soon as you let your guard down!  Quick as a rabbit, sly as a fox….bam, you’re haring!

Send your preferred date(s) and trail descriptions/directions with this link: Hare Raiser , or use the email address here: 

Grand Master Emeritus: Moon

Think of Pgh-H3.  What’s the first thing that cums to mind?  Did you think of beer?  Or tits?  No, you think Moon!

Moon is world-renowned.  He’s hashed on six continents.  He’s everywhere – Interhashes, weekends throughout the NE, Red Dress Runs, Free Beer, Beer Factor, Mega Hash, bashes, NYE…  the list is endless.  Besides traveling the world, Moon is a compulsive hare.  Haring 15 hashes per year is typical.  Moon keeps 2-3 flour companies in business.

Other Moon facts:  He is the reigning Pgh-H3 studmuffin thanks to his big arms and fancy push-ups. Moon is the father of Half-Moon.  Moon is infatuated with the Mercury Capri automobile.  Moon enjoys projects around his house that are measured in years.  Moon likes to build things ranging from a dollhouse for his granddaughter to a one ton ‘mobile’ hot tub for the Pgh weekend.

Religious Adviser: Kunt Fu Weasel

Kunt Fu steps into the ring….er….circle to corral and amuse your half minds with songs, antics and quaffing beer!  Prepare yourselves for entertainment, steel yourselves for songs, and shut the fuck up over there….the RA is talking!

Hash Scribe: Open

Hash Cash: WMD

Four score and seven years ago (or something like that), Joey was an innocent lad who enjoyed bicycles, church outings and all thing Conservative.  A few of Joey’s bicycle friends were involved in this hashing thing.  These friends included Moon, DJ and Weekend Gyn.  They convinced Joey to try hashing.  Joey hashed.  Joey liked it.

Now Joey is WMD.  WMD has enjoyed stints as GM and Haberdasher.  He is currently the Hash Cash.  WMD strenuously denies that hash funds paid for his tux.

“Pay your dues!”

Haberdasher:  Cock in a Net

Coming from a background as haberdasher with PITT, Cock in a Net just wasn’t having enough hab to prepare for all of yinz wanks!  Hab hab hooray!

Beer Wench: Random unfortunate soul, it could be you!

Hash Monsignor: Whiff Meister

Whiff began his Pittsburgh hashing career on Feb. 23, 1992, filed for divorce two weeks later and has never looked back. Many thank G that he’s devoted his genius to hash songs rather than evil. A three-term Religious Advisor, he retired after the embarrassing episode with the goat, the beer wench and a foaming beef probe. He created and adopted the dubious title of Hash Monsignor and milks it for all the questionable value it’s worth.

Hash Horn: Folker

Folker started hashing in 1983, with the now-defunct Laurel Highlands Hash. His first Pittsburgh Hash was the 100th run in June, 1984.

His interest in folk music, folk dance, and general folking around was what earned him his hash name.

Webmasterbator Team: The Black Clap, El Cock, Porn Again, Cream of Mushroom, Donkey-Ho-Te


It’s a process, you know.  Keeping up with updates, features, patching, events….piss off, we’re busy!

On-Sec Team: This could be you!!!!!

Stall Sherpes

The Hashsquatch

If you see a silhouette in the far off distance there is a chance you have spotted the elusive Hashshquatch!  No one is sure of its motivation,  but fear not, a sighting likely means you are on true trail.  We aren’t sure if it can communicate with hashkind, but call of PEYURDOOS! it has been known to cause it to look your way.

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