Pay Your Dues!

Membership – $15/year

While there are innumerable casual participants in our hashes, we have an official membership who are kept in the loop for special events and help to cover misc. operating expenses. The Pittsburgh Hash has approximately 80 active members. The membership is about half male and half female. Inbreeding is popular here; there are several married couples plus a few stranger relationships. Members pay annual dues to fund special events and cover miscellaneous expenses. In addition to paying dues, each member must “host” one hash per year; that is, lay a trail and provide food and beer at the end.
Not a member? Join Us or Renew your membership for 2023 by filling out a form ( Open Document Format or PDF ) and using PayPal to send $15 to (also send the form to this email address)  (It is also possible to directly pay our Hash Cash directly at a hash)

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