DSPH3 – Charter

Dark Side Pittsburgh Hash House Harries Charter

This kennel shall be known as the Dark Side Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers (DSPH3). It shall run once every new moon starting with the inaugural run on September 30th in the year of G 2016.

DSPH3 will meet every new moon at 6:30pm, with an on out following at 7pm from any club, pub, vacant lot, parking structure or premises with in the city limits of Pittsburgh, PA Mon-Thus, or within extended reasonable areas (approved by the hare raiser) surrounding the city Fri-Sun.

The goal of the Dark Side is to run a longer, harder trail and embrace our athleticism with good beer, but not in excess.


  • To push yourself to run a longer, harder trail.
  • To promote physical fitness amongst its members.
  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as the feel.
  • To prove to younger members that they are not as spry as they think they are.
  • To reward our perseverance and exertion with a few good beers.


  • Must be 21 or older, no exceptions. If you’re under 21, see P3H3.
  • Membership is open to all persons who are interested in taking part in a longer, harder hash.
  • A person wishing to join the Hash merely shows up at a Hash and is thereafter considered to be a member until such time as he notifies his intention to resign or is directed to leave by mismanagement.
  • Persons directed to leave may be allowed to return per trial by mismanagement.


  • Virgins (first time runners) do not owe hash cash, but will have to carry a virgin banana.
  • Hash cash of $5 per trail
  • Hares do not pay hash cash, not to exceed 2 hares, minimum number of hares is 0.5.
  • Exceptions/changes may be made to the rules for Special Events.



  • Expectation is that trails must be live.
  • Trails must be within the city limits of Pittsburgh, or easily accessible areas Mon-Thurs or can be extended to include reasonable areas (approved by the hare raiser) surrounding the city Fri-Sun. The hare raiser has the right to deny or allow an area as they deem necessary.
  • Trails should aim to be 6.9 miles, but keep in mind they can be shorter and significantly harder OR longer and flaccid.
  • Circle MUST be outside. If the hare wishes to have circle inside, it must be pre-approved by the RA and beer cooler accessible, approved by beermeister.
    • Circle must be in a secluded area where we won’t bother or be bothered by police and muggles.
    • Coordinate with the beermeister to determine how beer will get to circle.
    • Circle location is not to be revealed to anyone that is not on trail. Anyone showing up at circle sans trail will be denied beer.
    • If any pimps want to show up… direct them to the on after.
  • Hares are responsible for supplying (which means paying for) a minimum of 1 beer stop (snacks and water included), for trails exceeding 7 miles a second beverage stop (with water minimum) is required.
  • Stops can be inside or outside. If inside, hares are required to purchase enough for all hashers to have at least 1 beer.
  • Beer/shot quests are not equivalent of a beer/beverage stop.
  • Hares must acknowledge if 3 marks are on OR if all falses are marked. Must be let known at chalk talk.
  • Hares will have 10 minutes to start before on out, exceptions can be made for straight line distances or extreme difficulty.
  • Hares should wait at each beer stop until the last of the pack shows up. Once everyone has arrived they should notify the hare raiser, and get their ass out on trial.


  • The person who catches the hare takes the named hashers hash necklace. Virgin hares give up their dignity.
  • Give the hare 5 minutes to get moving.
  • Captured hare punishment is up to the judgment of the RA/s and quality of trail.


  • Naming is up to the RA/s discretion
  • There is no flouring/dousing of hashers during our naming ceremony
  • Special Dark Side naming event to be presented by RA.


  • 10 trails & 1 hare: Dark Side Patch
  • TBD


  • No Tech on Trail, especially at Circle. Punishment up to RA.
  • Bylaws can and will be added by Mis-Management upon democratic passing.


  • NO WHINING. Leavest thou salt at home and your bitching in your house.
  • There are no rules in hashing, though we follow the rules in this charter pretty close, mothafucka!
  • Drink responsibly. Call an uber if overindulging. Be a responsible adult.
  • No stealing (see hereunder-definition of stealing):
    • Stealing: the covert removal of another Hasher’s property with the intention of depriving said hasher of such property for an indefinite period of time.
  • Rain/inclement weather is not permitted during Hash runs:
    • The Religious Advisor is personally responsible for ensuring that fine conditions prevail starting one hour before trail and prevailing throughout the trail and circle. If inclement weather does ensue, the trail shalt continue, but the RA shalt do a down down or another punishment if the grievance is serious enough.
  • No discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Down-downs may not be declined, but alternate beverages are allowed.
  • No fighting at the Hash.
  • No unwanted touches. Respect your fellow hashers.
  • Other rules may be enacted by mismanagement as they see fit.
  • The FRB Shit is awarded to the FRB. The awardees’ shall bring the Hash Shit to the next trail. Treat the FRB Shit with respect, add one item per trail that the FRB Shit is in their possession until passed on to the next awardee at the behest of the hash and the final determination of the RA.
  • No littering. This includes picking up after yourself and your pet.
  • Mismanagement shall handle voting in a democratic fashion to make decisions on important topics. Every current mismanagement member and the founder get one vote. All votes are weighted equally. No one person can have more than one vote. Tie breakers shall be determined by RA coin flip.
  • The hare raiser is responsible for filling the calendar 4 months in advance. Trails cannot be claimed more than 4 months in advance. Virgin hares and hashers that have not hared yet in that calendar year are given precedence. Hares do not officially have the trail until the hare raiser provides confirmation.


The Hash is to be run effectively but cooperatively
A mismanagement committee shall be established that will consist of the following members at a Minimum:

  • Grand Master/Mattress (GM)
  • Religious Advisor (RA)
  • Hash Cash
  • Hare Raiser
  • Hash Scribe
  • Beermeister
  • Webmasterbator
  • Haberdasher

Mismanagement will serve for 1 year. To be adjusted per mismanagement.
If an unscheduled mismanagement meeting is called by any member of mismanagement, a 24-hour lead time is required.

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