A Brief Kennel History of Pittsburgh


Who Started Us on Our Road to Ruin?

The Pittsburgh HHH was founded in 1980 by Jay “Cap’t Lewd” Gore. Run #1 was June 14, 1980. Hashes were originally held every other week for a while, but now hashes are weekly. Jack “No Code” Brillman and Mary Jane “Sprain Brain” Brillman hared the first Full Moon hash in September of 1989. Fool Moon hashes continue to be held on every full moon.  Go figure.  PGH-H3 also has a few bike hashes (BASH) per year that Moon keeps going strong.  Pick up hashes were common withe PGH-H3 at one point until the number of hashes on the calendar made them less so.

About the original PGH-H3 logo: It was designed by Sharon “Outhouse” Newman and first appeared in the newsletter handed out at Run 217 on September 22, 1986 (with the write-up of Run 216).

A Testimonial:

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 13:29:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: tubslut

A little bit of history. Before H5 ever existed there was a Pittsburgh Hash. 
They were the first, and premier hash event of the Spring. They had the band (Jill West Blues Band), the hot tubs, and the Midnight Nude Runs. Not to take anything away from H5, because I also think that Stinko is the best, but Pittsburgh was THE model for a hashing/camping weekend. This will be my 21st year of attending PGH’s Analversary, and I’m very happy to see we’re getting more and more H5ers.*


PITT H3 is the second kennel in Pittsburgh and was a dream of Defender of Peedom as a means of introducing more traditional hash culture into Pittsburgh.

In December 2012 he discussed a new kennel with those who would become the original officers of the PITT H3. It started as an act of defiance when he and ManGurglar laid an opposing Fool Moon trail on February 25, 2013 to rival the PGH-H3 trail taking place in Butler (Buck Futler).

The foundation had been laid, and after a few months of inactivity and idle talk, Cream of Mushroom and Defender of Peedom laid the first offical PITT H3 trail on June 27, 2013.

Trails are live hared every other Thursday (sometimes on off weeks as well) and circle is held outdoors in any type of weather.

DarkSide (DSPH3)

Started in 2014 as part of the PITT H3 kennel by Golden Showers.  Upon embarking for the Appalachian Trail (aka jail to GS), the DarkSide trails slid by the wayside and were being abandoned per mismanagement.

Scrum Guzzler and The Black Clap weren’t having any of that!  So, discussions ensued with PITT H3 mismanagement and Golden Showers to split off into a new kennel.  After an invasion by a roving pack of drama lamas, The Black Clap and Scrum Guzzler got a DSPH3 mismanagement together.  The first independent DSPH3 kennel run was September 30, 2016.

DarkSide trails are once per month on the New Moon.  Longer, harder trails….In the dark.

Titties N’@ H3 (TN@)

A women’s only kennel that runs monthly every 28 days.

For years Pelvis Chestly tossed around the idea of starting an all women’s kennel in Pittsburgh. She then stumbled upon drunken conversation with Steph Infection and Ogre Under about how great an all women’s kennel would be in Pittsburgh especially if they didn’t have to do anything for it….

That was all the further encouragement that Pelvis needed to get the ball rolling! Over the span of a few months she began assembling all of the necessary pieces and people to spin up a new kennel.

On October 26, 2015 – A group of women with varied hash experience came together: Dirty Gerbil, Ear of the Sperm, Ogre Under, ManGurglar, Pelvis Chestly, Sirvix, Steph Infection, Swamp Bitch, and Rexine to discuss the possibility of a new kennel in Pittsburgh. Unanimously, it was agreed that an all women’s kennel would be great to have in Pittsburgh and by the conclusion of that meeting Titties N’@ was born. The first date of trail was set for December 2, 2015 and continue to occur every 28 days after that initial trail.

Occasionally TN@ hosts special events where our male counterparts are invited to attend trails and charity events. Trails will be clearly labeled when these special “manvitational” events occur.

Pittsburgh Prolific Procreators H3 (P3H3)

Pittsburgh’s family oriented hash. Founded by “Mr. Weasel” in 2015 in an effort to both retain procreating hashers and to get the next generation of half minds started early, this kennel attempts to have a trail every non-winter month.


Pittsburgh Rogue Alternate Trail started as a joke in response to some Yahoo Discuss List hash drama regarding the kids hash running a trail on the same day as a PGH-H3 trail. Trail details are posted on a pole outside of the Evergreen Café.  PRAT hashes are pick-up trails and therefore there is no mismanagement.  However, Fupa Dupa (a fictitious DC Road Whore) is the founder and GM.  The slogan: No Rules. Just Right! was adopted sometime after the second hash (although the pole seems to be a rule, no?).  PRAT H3 runs whenever someone posts to the pole, but has traditionally run opposite the TN@ hash.

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