PITTH3 – Hash Hymnal

Hash Hymnal

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Hot Vagina

Hot vagina for your breakfast,
Hot vagina for your lunch,
Hot vagina for your dinner,
Just munch, munch, munch, munch, munch.
It’s so ,tasty and delicious
Bite-size and ready to eat,
So grab your chick, give her a lick,
Hot vagina can’t be beat.

Her left tit…

Her left tit hangs down to her belly,
Her right tit hangs down to her knee.
If her left tit did equal her right tit,
She’d get lots of weenie from me.
Drink it down, down, down . . .

He’s the Meanest

He’s the meanest,
He sucks the horse’s penis,
He’s the meanest,
He’s a horse’s ass.

Ever since he found it,
All he does is pound it,
He’s the meanest,
He’s a horse’s ass.

He’s always pissing on us,
He’s rotten and dishonest,
He’s the meanest,
He’s a horse’s ass.

So drink it down, down, down…

Why Were They Born So Beautiful

Why were they born so beautiful
Why were they born at all
They’re no fucking use to anyone
They’re no fucking use at all
They may be a joy to their mothers
But they’re a pain in the asshole to me