Beer Snob Club (Craft Beer Share)

Craft Beer Share Time:  9:00 PM on Friday, June 1st
Organizers: HLT & T-Bag & Steph Infection

Info: If anyone would like to take part in a craft beer tasting Friday night, please bring a 6 pack of one of your favorite local craft beers, 2-22oz bottles of a single beer, or a 64oz Growler. You will be provided a 3oz cup! The idea of this would be to just hang out at and enjoy sharing craft beer for an hour or so. The beers will be roughly separated into like-groups. Think Hoppy, Dark, Wheat/Saison/Belgian, and Sour. You will have an opportunity to wander around and try as many as you like (or can).

You don’t need anything rare or exotic. Just bring something that’s local to you that you like.