Hash #1821 April Fools Day – C&B – Sphincter

April 1, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
West End Cafe
408 S Main St
Wabash, PA 15220
It’s Easter Fools Day! A time for rebirth and new life! A time for little bunnies to hatch from Easter eggs, and a time for larval ticks to suck the blood of frolicking hashers.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
– Yes, there will be a trail
– No, it will not just be a sack of flour

Join Cuffed and Battered for her Jesus birthday (born on Easter!) and Sphincter Control for his hashing analversary as we romp through the West End and South Hills.

There will be an adult easter egg hunt, some holiday-themed games, and lots (and lots) of shiggy. Bring a dry bag, head lamp, and virgins to help you with you trespassing altercations. We’ve stopped caring about your kids and dogs because you’ll bring them no matter what we say. Did we mention dry bag?

$5 hash cash as food will be provided, and the West End Cafe requires ID for everyone.