Hash #1862 Major and Two Birds – Super Blood Moon

January 20, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
122 W 8th Ave
Homestead, PA 15120

Join Two Birds as she hares her first ever Pittsburgh trail through the flat, warm, and dry borough of Homestead. Although she’s only ever hared a Dark Side before, she assures me that trail will be less than 5 miles (although you may not believe that when you’re done). Trail itself should be relatively doggo friendly, but Duke’s isn’t. We should make it back in plenty of time to enjoy an Apres at Duke’s, but you’ll be on your own for food there.

Hash cash is 0$, unless you haven’t paid your dues, in which case your hash cash is a solemn vow to pay WMD $15. Please bring your religious book of choice to swear upon.

P.S. We’re keeping an eye on the weather, if it ends up looking like we’re actually getting a blizzard we may change the location to Major’s house so that people have a place to crash if we get snowed in. Watch this page, if we need to we’ll make the call Saturday morning.

Text Major at 732-757-9241 and tell him why we should have started at Enix instead.