Hasher Night at PNC Park Tailgate Party and Ball Game

WHAT: Hasher Night at PNC Park Tailgate Party and Ball Game
WHEN: Tuesday, July 18 @ 4PM
WHERE:PNC Park Parking lot at the corner of Martindale St and Reedsale St
After a lifetime of dreaming about hosting a tailgate party, it finally happened last year.
Except for locking my keys in the car and not showing up to the game until the 8th inning, everything was GREAT!!!
Once again our beloved Pirates will be battling MLB’s living, breathing beer advertisement, the Milwaukee BREWERS. How appropriate! For $21 you’ll get a a ticket and I’ll be supplying 3 cases of beer plus burgers, hot dogs and whatever else I care to buy
Once again, in the spirit of Stone Soup, everyone’s welcome to bring something to enhance the tailgating experience (food items, corn hole and Can Jam comes to mind. We’ll stand around stuffing our faces for a few hours and then stagger to our seats to watch our Buccos down a few Brewers. Hopefully I’ll be with yinz this time!
Last year there was an impromptu after party. So, that tradition is welcome to continue. We don’t leave until the police order us to leave!

For tickets and info or to whatever floats your boat Call Sweetums 412-535-2609