PITT H3 #149 – My Hog N ICP

October 12, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
Duck Hollow Trail
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

The trail of mystery and wonder!!!!

Join ICP and My Hog N Me as we all embark on an epic journey of mystery and wonder, you’ll see never before seen things like, on-on marks, false trails, checks, shiggy, maybe bees, beer stops, hills, troll tolls, ducks? But you may be asking yourself, isn’t that stuff we normally see? Well yes this is true, but we added mystery and wonder to the name of the trail so it makes it feel new and exciting! The start of trail will be the Duck Hollow Trail Access/Parking, Duck Hollow Trail, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. BYOB at the start, so bring what you like! Also you may want to limber up as there may be a few tight spots to squeeze into. Fido friendly? Meh most should be, but what do I know about your doggos level of activity and ability? Also the use of a mysterious glow lamp wouldn’t be a bad idea as it gets dark fast!