Hash #1848: Watership Down-Downs

October 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Spring Hill Brewing
1958 Varley St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Quick! They’re coming! Seek safety! All the world is your enemy!
If they catch you they will kill you but they have to catch you first!

You’re a rabbit following a paranoid, hallucinating twitchy rabbit friend to an unknown safe place because he saw it in a vision. Avoid snares, rabbit farms, humans, rats, owls, dogs, cats, and demented rabbits who think they’re in charge of an imaginary all-rabbit military. Also voices telling you to just lay down and die are to be avoided.

Trail will be a shiggy, hilly adventure, and hasher dogs are welcome as long as they’re in rabbit costumes.

Spring Hill Brewery is really excited to have us— we’re popping their hash cherry!  The brewer/owner will show us his brewing operation. We’ll be there both before and after trail.

Hares: T-Boner, Dirty Gerbil, Just Gromit
Meet-up: 2:00 pm
On-out: 2:30
$5 hash cash, trail is A-A, apres to follow

If you haven’t seen “Watership Down” ever/recently, it’s free here:https://youtu.be/isiQFf7cuUU. (Enjoy the bizarre way it’s presented!)