Hash #1995: FESTIVUS!!!!!!

December 4, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
2534 Irwin Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Join Scrum Guzzler, ICP, Creamy, Tight E, and Porn Again to celebrate 15 years of salt, pain, and not giving a shit. We celebrate in the only way we know how to and that’s with anger and accusations. The day will start with trail @ 1pm. It will consist of feet’s of strength, malort, and shiggy. There are plenty of new weights that need tested. Trail will be followed by the traditional feast. After we eat there will be the airing of grievances. Two years worth of shit to bring to light. Call out your friend out for whatever bullshit they did to piss you off.

Few notes
1. Dinner is a potluck. The hares will be cooking a lot of food but it won’t be enough to cover everyone. Any sides will be welcome. There will be plenty of outlets for crock pots and lots of cold storage.
2. Hares and Pizza Pete will provide a a keg and 4 sixtels of beer. After that is gone it’s up to you provide your own.
3. This is a vaxxed only event. There will lots of people yelling in each other’s faces and body on body contact. Don’t be a dick to your fellow hasher.
4. I have limited crash space. I have a pretty small house. It’s first come first serve. There a few hotels in the area and plenty of other nearby hashers that might put you up.

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