HASH #1781 – Steph-Infection & Twerkin’ Overtime

June 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Hunts Tavern
645 Butler St
Etna, PA 15223

Who: Steph-Infection & Twerkin’ Overtime

Where: Hunts Tavern 645 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223

When: Saturday 6/24.


Shiggy: Yes
Hills: YES
Dogs: NO, nope, no. Leave FIDO at home.
Hash Cash: $5.00
Description: Join us on our annual journey through Shaler! You will go over the shit cricks and through the woods until you happen upon some beverages. You will probably continue doing this for a decent amount of miles. There will be ticks on this trail. That is basically the only thing I can guarantee about trail…, so lather up with your best tick repellent.
Apres :@ Casa de Twerking Infection – 1512 Stonington Dr Glenshaw PA 15116
 You already know this is the best annual pool party in the hash. So bring your bathing suits, towels and a change of clothes and vessels for after trail…because the pool will be open, the keg will be tapped, and the food will be abundant! Like abundant enough that you can take food home probably… As with previous years we will have a outdoor shower setup to wash off all the dirt from trail before you get in the pool. I like all of you..I just don’t like mud in my pool.
Comments, Questions, Concerns, Life Coaching? Contact Steph Infection @ (724)961-1390