Hash #1922 – Squirreleo Hashy Beerthday Trail

March 15, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Boat Launch
702 S 2nd Ave
Elizabeth, PA 15037

Hare: Honeynut Squirreleo & Liquher Cookie

Last year’s beerthday trail started and ended up hill with a disappearing beer stop along the way. It was in a super shitty bar with shitty beer and Just Cathy magically transformed herself into Liquher Cookie. What can go wrong this year? Well there are three ways to do things; the right way, the wrong way, and the HASH way: which incidentally is the wrong way only with more bad decisions. So with that we present to you an entirely new, shiggilicious, shit show of a PGH-H3 Trail. The Liquher Honeynut Cookie Squirreleo Beerthday Trail!!!

What: It isn’t long and it isn’t thick, it’s not too short and it won’t end quick, you might stay dry or you might get wet….. just show up and find out you wankers.

Where: Trail will start and end at the boat launch parking lot in Elizabeth. Set your GPS to: 702 S 2nd Ave, Elizabeth PA 15037. The boat launch parking lot is right BEHIND that house. Don’t go knocking on that door, don’t go parking in their driveway. I don’t know them, they don’t know me and they probably wouldn’t like me if they did. It’s just a landmark to find the boat launch parking lot. That’s where we will park. You will park in the boat launch parking lot too!!! Where are you going to park?

The Après will be held a short distance away (about a three minute drive or a 10 minute walk) at: 1927 Ivory Lane, Elizabeth PA 15037. They don’t like me either but they put up with me. They also agreed to put up with you. So bring a dry bag (to include clean shoes) and don’t be too much of doofus.

Why: Because because because because becaaaaause, because of the wonderful things we does. Also because I said so.

Dry Bag: Mandatory, to include clean shoes if you’re cumming to the après.

Fido Friendly: Yes. Be prepared to bathe Fido afterwards.

Baby in a Backpack Friendly: Hum, my knee jerk reaction would be no. But after seeing what you put your little ones through on Bun’s trail a few weeks ago, this trail might just be part duex of their Army Ranger Training. If you do decide to bring them, stay towards the back of the pack so that the FRBs can pound down some of the thicker shiggy areas for you.

Hash Cash: 5$ please to offset some of the cost of feeding and beering you. Slutty virgins drink for free.

Questions: Call or text Squirreleo 412-737-2318

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