Hash #V1 – Beer Lovers go Nuts in May

May 4, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Beer Lovers go Nuts in May, Pittsburgh Hash #V1 (was Hash #1929)

Hares: Fuk Stik & BitchinHeat

It’s that time of year again: the time to drink good beer and celebrate the longer days by getting out into the woods. We’re not hashing together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and hang out with each other.

Trail will be followed by a Zoom Circle (details to be posted soon). Be sure to have some good beer handy, as it IS Beer Lovers…

Where: Your Neighborhood (directions below)

Hash Cash: FREE (Or donate to the PGH Food Bank)

Start Time: 6 pm for Eagles, 6:30 pm for Chickens

Apres & Circle: 7:30 pm on Zoom


Go out your front door and do your own trail. Try to get into the woods, onto the dirt, or into the mud, because that’s what Nuts in May is all about. If you get in your car, you’ve gone too far.

So, find a fun loop that’s a good distance, and celebrate with a shower beer or five, and be sure to start at whatever time will have you finish at 7:30 pm for Circle.

And if you want, take a picture of yourself on trail to share.

Apres and Circle Info:

We’ll be joining the Zoom meeting at 7:30 pm, with down downs at 7:45-ish. The link will be available in the Pittsburgh Hash Facebook group, or if you email Fuk Stik.

Put your beer on your head to be recognized by Purple (Drew). You can also use the chat function when joining to privately message a GM with any potential down downs. Or hell, use the chat function more to private party and talk with everyone.


The Pittsburgh Hash traditionally (until about 2008) moved from Sunday afternoon runs to Monday nights on the Monday after the Pittsburgh Marathon, where it stayed until the Great Race in the Fall.

“Nuts in May” is fallback to that tradition and a nod to the New York Hash. NYH3 started the tradition of “Nuts in May” as a way of celebrating the longer days with good trail runs. It was started by Ian Cumming, founder of the Singapore and New York hashes, and also a regular fixture at the Pittsburgh Campout Weekend from its inception until his passing.

A History of the NY Hash (Westchester and CT)