Hash #2108, Snatch Rabbit and Airtight

February 4, 2024 @ 2:00 pm

Welcum. Excited for LOTS of shiggy? Well, sucks to be you. But if you want to pound that very dirty little Dormont pavement with Airtight and Snatch Rabbit, you’re in luck.

Trail will be from A to B. Start at 2 PM @ Arsenal Cider and end at Back Alley Brewing company. Back Alley Brewing does not serve food, but there will be a Bull River Taco food truck outside. The distance between the two is miniscule enough that you don’t have to worry about parking too far away from either.

NOT Fido friendly (soooo so sorry about that one). Trail shoes are not necessary. Clothes are, but you’re at the mercy of your own judgment there. Bring money and I.D. One beer stop and circle beer is on the hares, one beer stop is on you.

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