Hash #2114, Squirreleo Springs Forward Trail

March 17, 2024 @ 2:00 pm
4422 Inland Ave
West Mifflin, PA 15122

The March 17th, Beerthday Chili Cook-Off Trail!!!

Last year, around this time, a few aging beerthday hashers laid a trail for you half minds, which included a chili cook-off, and miraculously everyone survived. Well, we’re at it again. Sure it’ll be a different trail than you saw last year. And yes, it’ll be at a different location. But we abused you properly last year, then begged forgiveness with a kick-ass apres; what makes you think it’ll be different this year? So, with that, we present to you an entirely new shit-show of a PGH-H3 Trail: The 2024, Beerthday, Chili Cook-Off Hash!!!

Trail will be short, flat, dry and hares never lie. Shiggy level will be whatever it is, but expect something more than a merkin but less than a 70s porno. Prepare to be amused, abused, beered well and fed even better. The first beer stop will be on the hares, the second beer stop might be on you depending on if I can persuade them to be open. If so, beer will be on you (Fido will have to sit outside for this one). If not, we’ll provide a second beer stop; don’t expect Chimay. Whatever; be prepared with a few bucks or a credit card for the second beer stop just in case.

NOTE: Back by popular demand, get ready for another CHILI COOK-OFF!!!  

If you think that your chili can compete, we invite you to bring a crockpot of your favorite recipe to the start of trail. We’ll keep it warm for you and provide the extra fixings for the on-after competition. Liquher Cookie is in charge of the contest, so you know it’ll be classy.


You don’t have to compete in the competition to do trail and enjoy some chili. You don’t have to do trail to compete in the competition. You don’t even have to do trail or compete in the completion if you just want to pimp and enjoy some chili. Everyone is welcome. Liquher Cookie will select a few, non-biased, judges to decide the winners. Prizes will include bragging rights; but more prestigiously:

• The winner of the BEST ALL-AROUND CHILI will be awarded ALL OF THE HASH CASH.

• The winner of the MOST UNIQUE CHILI gets a choice of either a really decent bottle of beer or an equally decent bottle of wine. Remember, the most unique chili can also win the best all-around chili and win both prizes.

• The RUNNER-UP OF THE BEST ALL AROUND CHILI will get the bottle that the winner of the most unique chili left for you. Either bottle will be something that you’ll be proud to share with a friend on a special occasion.

Good luck to everyone!

We pride ourselves on creating an experience that will allow you to tell stories that will “Wow!” your boring coworkers on Monday morning. Don’t disappoint them; be there to create your own story and be the object of jealousy for the week! GuarOnOnTeed!


Who: Plea Barkin, Liquher Cookie, Honeynut Squirreleo and you, of course.

What: A kick-ass Beerthday Trail and Chili Cook-Off Hash.

When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, March 17th. 2:00 Peee Ehm

Where: Trail will start and end at Casa de’Squirreleo (4422 Inland Ave, 15122).

Why: Because it’s what we do. And we like chili.

Hash Cash: $2.00. Your hash cash will be awarded to the winner of first place in the chili cook-off.

Parking: Please Don’t Park In Front Of The Corner House Across The Street From Casa de’Squirreleo… PARK ANYWHERE BUT THERE!

Dry Bag: Always a good idea. Clean shoes please if you’re coming to the apres. Bedroom slippers are encouraged. Bedroom robes are acceptable if you want to pay homage to the late, great, Hugh Heffner. Nudity is encourage if you think Heff would approve.

Fido Friendly: Yes. Fido can do trail and hang out in Squirreleo’s fenced-in backyard during the apres.

Virgin Friendly? That’s a questionable judgment call only you can make. If you think losing their virginity to Squirreleo is a good idea, then, of course, bring them along. Who am I to judge?

Questions: Call or text Squirreleo 412-737-2318

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