PITT #240, Festivus Prelube with Major and Two Birds

December 2, 2021 @ 6:30 pm
Park Place Pub
5719 Bryant St
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
‘Twas the week before Festivus, when all through the house,
Two Birds was stirring and starting to grouse.
A feeling of salt hung in the air,
as she suddenly remembered she was soon to hare.
But nary a map had been opened thus far,
“Holy shit! We need to pick a bar!”
Enough with the background, let’s cut to the chase:
trail starts out of Park Place Pub (the Pub of Park Place?).
Is this the most creative trail? Perhaps it is not.
Will we go places you wankers have already been? Seems like a good shot.
But instead of complaining about this and that,
save it for Festivus and the wrestling mat.
And join Major and Two Birds in these dark Festivus Days,
for a pre-lube that’ll soon be forgotten in a beer-induced haze!
P.S. Lest you believe this trail will be tepid,
it is only recommended for doggos intrepid.
Address: 5719 Bryant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Time: Standard Hash Time (6:30 start, on out at 7PM)
Who: Major Pecker & Two Birds
Call Major (732-757-9241) for a good time, or if you have any questions or whatever.