PITT #321- Projectile Dog Shit & Abandon Shit

Ask not for whom the shit-bell tolls… it tolls for thee! Friends and fellow half-minds, this trail poses a simple question: just how much shittiness can you cram into a single trail? Your friendly neighborhood scatologists (Projectile Dog Shit and Abandon Shit) are here to answer that question once and for all. It will be a stampede through shit! A foray into feces! A parade of poo! Maybe this gimmick got away from me!
Bring a friend, your (least) favorite trail shoes, a gently-used $5 bill, and a thirst for adventure.
Who: Projectile Dog Shit & Abandon Shit
When: July 25th @6:30 pm, 7pm is when the shit starts flying
Where: Dive Bar, Regent Square
Trail shoes: Better stepping in shit wearing your trail shoes than your good ones, I guess.
Shiggy: 96
Shitty: Very yes.
Bug spray: Yes unless you want to collect skeeter bites.
Doggo friendly: Start bar is not. Local ornithologists have spotted at least one Eastern Shithawk in the vicinity, so dogs small of stature or constitution are advised to stay home.
Parking: On street, almost certainly shitty. Ride a bike.
Hash cash: $5.00 except for virgins
Emotional damage to aforementioned virgins: Incalculable
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