PITT #307, Hipster hash with Purple Princess, Frontal Discharge, and Just Maddy

February 8, 2024 @ 6:30 pm
1500 S Canal St #2541
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Have you broken your hip following Moon, or training for the Pgh marathon? Do your friends identify you as a hipster? Do you like American Spirit Cigarettes, PBR, coffee, vinyl, vintage clothing, beards that put Porn Again Christian & Muff Warmer to shame?
Purple Princess, Just Maddy, & Frontal Discharge have painstakingly scouted over coffee, beer, & existential dread to deliver a trail worthy of complaining about yet somehow also envied by hasher & virgin alike. There will be ribbon. There will be expensive whiskey & coffee stops. There will be flour laid in various directions. One of the aforementioned is true.
Come to Hitchhiker in Sharpsburg, prelube, and enjoy. What to wear? No idea, I’m writing this in January, hopefully something warm but you do you. The road to shiggy ratio is about 85/15.
Questions/concerns…Purple Princess @412-432-9807
Lost/Lonely…Frontal Discharge @508-768-7996
Wish to discuss the dichotomy of hipsters vs hippies? Just Maddy @717-814-2941.
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