PITT #313, Cuffed and Battered & El Cock

Who: Cuffed & El Cock & PNC Spank
When: April 18th @6:30 pm, 7pm hares away
Where: Evergreen Cafe
Trail shoes: Eh, probably.
Shiggy: 4/10
Bug spray: YES
Doggo friendly: Yes, but they must be leashed. The Evergreen is not dog friendly.
Parking: Right outside on Penn Ave. Park at your own risk.
Hash cash: $5.00 except for virgins
Join us at a place we’ve never been to (The Evergreen) with exotic food you’ve never had (tacos) through a neighborhood uncharted (Pt. Breeze) with hares you’ve never met (Cuffed, El Cock and PNC Spank). Weather is going to be lovely, so arrive early for parking (really, just park on Carnegie Pl.) and tacos, and get ready for a lovely stroll around the neighborhood.
Ticks are real, spray accordingly.
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