The 6th Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Hash

April 21, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Caliente Aspinwall
225 Commercial Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Who: VueGina, T-Bag, Sex Pak
What: The 6th Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Hash
Where: Caliente Pizza and Draft House, 225 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215 , USA
When: April 21st, 2018 SATURDAY @ 12PM (on out before 1PM)
Special notes: We will be upstairs in the banquet room, we have the room until 4:30 PM, at which time we can go downstairs or elsewhere as needed.
Cost: $10 fee includes two beer stops on trail, two beers at Caliente, and pizza afterward. All monies raised go to charity
* Caliente is not dog friendly*
This is a good hash if you want to get people interested, and who may not normally come. It’s the “mild and gentler hash”. Beers are provided by a wholesaler, pizzas by Caliente and trail by VueGina.
Questions?: Contact Sex Pak 412 – 508 – 5366