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PITT-H3 11th Analversary Weekend: His Dark Majesty @ Camp Davis
Jul 26 @ 6:00 pm – Jul 28 @ 6:03 am

Cum on out to the 11th Annual PITT Hash weekend. Prepare yourself with some dark gothy satanic styling, gay majesty, or any fantastic fusion of this double entendre. We’re goona love seeing what you come up with!

Rego opens on 3/1/2024

Rego Here for this event:–2024

Your weekend rego includes habby giveaway, a meat-n-greet with the locals on Friday evening, queer mile, trail on Saturday, games, naked shot crawl, beer beer beer, a DJ spinning tunes on Friday and Saturday nights, allure, and style.
Camp fees are covered in cost of rego, and the beer will start flowing at 6pm on Friday. You’re on your own for food on Friday, but all meals are provided on Saturday, and breakfast is provided on Sunday. As expected, trail will be short, flat, and shiggy-free.

As we all know by now, if you’re sick, stay home. We only want your good germs.

Camp Davis is a private, gay owned & operated, clothing optional campground. We embrace everyone gay, straight, or anything in-between. Our goal is to provide a friendly, safe, & comfortable environment for all no matter how you identify. The campground is complete with running hot showers, dance hall, and heated pool.

Hash #2136 MEGA HASH: Where the Wild Things Are
Aug 10 @ 10:30 am

Megahash 2024: Call of the Wild
Saturday August 10, 2024 at 10:30am (Eagles) or 1:30pm (Turkeys)

Hares: Pearl Necklace, ABS, Crack Filler, BithinHeat, Moon

Cum join us on August 10 for the 28th running of Megahash at Dream Mountain Ranch, where the wild things are! Located near Bruceton Mills WV, Dream Mountain is an exotic game hunting preserve on 1000 acres that is home to boar, buffalo, elk, emu, and other wild creatures. To ensure safety, we have secured exclusive access to the property; there will be no hunting during the hash. Full trail will be 11+ miles, starting at 10:30am. For you turkeys, there will be an opportunity to join the pack at lunchtime around 1:30.

Hash Cash is $25 and will get you beer, snacks, lunch, and hab. Trail shoes, bug spray, and a dry bag is recommended. Send Hash Cash to BiH via Venmo @kristina-paris or PayPal @KristinaParis or give us the cash money!

Camping is available at “Friends of the Cheat Campground”, located 4 miles from Dream Mountain on the Cheat River near Albright WV. Camping is not included. Camping sites are limited and only available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your hares will be camped here and can secure additional sites on request. Cost is $20 per site per day + $5 per person.

Dream Mountain Game Ranch
8150 N Preston Hwy, Albright, WV 26519
To register for MegaHash, fill out the form!


Hash #2140: RED DRESS RUN! @ YMR
Sep 8 @ 12:00 pm


Festivus – @ TBC and Cockles House
Dec 14 @ 12:00 pm

Hares:  The Black Clap & (*other hare/s*)

Where: 3952 McClure Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

When: December 14, NOON!  Read that again, NOON!

We got a lot of problems with you people. And now you’re gonna hear about it!

FESTIVUS!!!! The time is now. Come angry. Come with grievances.

What to expect:  feats of strength (of course), beer, hills, shots, more hills, more beer, airing of grievances, wrestling, and more beer!

After Trail:  We’re providing some food, but bring something to share!

Beer:  We’ll have some keg beer for consumption, but bring your own beer if you want fancy stuff….and also some reserve beers (can’t be too careful!)

Crash space available at our house and nearby homes.  Ride shares (uber, lyft, taxis) are also alternatives to driving.  Drink, but do not drive!


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