Hash #2117, GREEN DRESS!!

April 6, 2024 @ 2:00 pm
The YMR Club
631 Suismon St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Hare: Porn Again

Yeah its like 3 weeks after St Patrick’s day but we have a ton of half minds venturing across the world to New Zealand and we didn’t want them to miss out on the fun plus it might be a little bit warmer for those sultry dresses. So on April 6th grab everything you own that’s green and join Tight Embouchure and Porn Again Christian as we take a romp through the North Shore and confuse the local population. We can just claim we forgot when St Patrick’s day is because we were dunk.

This years charity will be Movember. Men’s mental health is unspoken epidemic in this country and we as a community need to be better at addressing it and talking about it openly. If you have lost anyone (male or not) and would like to honor them we will have a small place of honor for them (you will get your stuff back). There will be public talk of suicide.

Event details:
4/6/24 at the YMR @2pm
631 Suismon St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Potluck dinner. Sign up below. No sugar cookies
There will be a cash 50/50.
Beer will be provided on trail but otherwise it’s on you to buy from the bar.
If anyone has any leads on cheap kegs let PA know.

Potluck Link


Green Dress Run

Stuff to Bring:
Cash for 50/50 and money for beer

Rego link:

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