ICH3 #18 Last minute tax advice with Squirreleo

April 14, 2023 @ 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Homeville Trolley Stop
3704 Greensprings Ave
West Mifflin

ICH3#18 Last minute Tax advice with Squirreleo

Have you done your taxes? Is Tax Day stressing you out? Did you get a refund? Great, let’s drink it. Did you have to pay out the wazoo? Awe, that’s a shame; let’s drink and fuhgeddaboudit. Whatever the case, cum out for an evening of trail, have some fun with your friends and start the weekend out right.

To be clear, this will be an actual Hash House Harriers Trail and not simply a bar crawl. It will not be your typical romp in the woods that you’ve grown accustomed to from a Squirreleo trail, but it will still be interesting, contain some shiggy and you might even say challenging. On the bright side, if you’re training for any of the upcoming 5Ks, this will give you a great opportunity to stretch your legs and get some running in. Or you can be like me and just enjoy the walk. Regardless of how you choose to hash, you’ll be glad that you made it out to this one. Guar-OnOn-Teed!

What should you bring? A torch would be an excellent idea. You will also be happy if you bring gloves for at least one or two small sections of trail. A sense of adventure, curiosity, humor and a thirst for beer will go a long way.

Who: Honeynut Squirreleo and you of course.

What: A Squirrleo ICH3 Trail

Where: Trail will start and end at the Homeville Trolley Stop, 3704 Greensprings Ave, West Mifflin, 15122

When: Friday, Friday, Friday, April 14th. 6:30 Peee Ehm

Why: Because Squirreleo has never laid an ICH3 Trail and he got shamed and guilted into doing it.

Dry Bag: Never a bad idea.

Fido friendly? The start and end of trail is not conducive for pups nor is one of the beer stops. Sorry.

Hash Cash: No hash cash but bar beers are on you so bring cash or credit card. One or two beer stops plus down-down beer is on the hare.

Questions: Call or text Squirreleo 412-737-2318

Come as you are. We promise nothing, and bring even less to the table. Bring Virgins. We don’t charge hash cash.
Attendance is mandatory.

Meetup @ 06:30PM

On out @ 7PM

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