ICH3 #19 IFT brings The Magic 8 Ball Part Deux

May 26, 2023 @ 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Take a Break Bar
3825 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Everyone loved the Magic 8 ball so much that IFT had to bring it back to yinz for another trail.

The Magic 8 ball will determine trail. Will there be beer? Yes, definitely. Does the hare know what she’s doing? Don’t count on it. Will trail be marked well? It is certain. Is the shiggy level .69? Reply hazy, try again. Should I leave my money and ID at home? My sources say no. Is trail Fido friendly? Cannot predict now. Will I have fun? Outlook good!

Come as you are.

We promise nothing, and bring even less to the table.

Bring Virgins.

We don’t charge hash cash.

Attendance is mandatory.

Expect to be disappointed.

Meet @ 6:30 PM

On out @ 7 PM

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