PITT #246, El Cock and Clap

February 10, 2022 @ 6:30 pm
Rumerz Sportz Bar and Grill
1216 Woods Run Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Who: El Cock and Clap
Where: Rumerz Sportz Bar and Grill, 1216 Woods Run Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Trail through hills and slopes, through shiggy and flats, through ice and snow. But something’s not right. You get this feeling that you’ve just seen this hasher before. Cumming round a check you’ve already solved. A chill permeates through your spine. The Hashsquatch must be nearing. You wonder. Didn’t I do this last week? Nah, bro; you’re just having a dejavu.
On After is at Rumerz. Kitchen is open until 11:30pm for a fine* selection of bar food.
*fine indicates that there is bar food available, and will certainly be of bar quality…just not sure which bar