PITT #285, Pittsburgh Weekend Pre-Lube: Deadwood

June 1, 2023 @ 6:30 pm
403 Semple St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Join Deadwood, 7 minutes in Heaving, and El Cock for a merry jaunt through scenic Oakland. Deadwood has lived there for a decade and is sick of it but you will get to see every place he has lived on trail. Come on out to Bootleggers which was where Deadwood lost his hash virginity for a weekend prelube. Trail will be doggo friendly and leave those trail shoes at home. Trees are dirty and we will avoid them at all costs. Also we should all probably just walk this one, Deadwood isn’t too speedy in his old age. Of course Heavin and El Cock will be uncatchable.

Contact us for any questions!

Also we will be going to an on after with food rather than having food because the hares were too busy fornicating to figure it out.

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